December 5, 2012

Luca Donnini - Stories

No real necessity to specify that Luca Donnini is Italian I suppose (actually names are no more specific to places so maybe it's useful after all). It seems he lives in Rome. His work is quite versatile and unpredictable. He's considered sometimes more a scenograph than a photographer but in this Stories series it's not the case, since these are portraits and no discussion, he sure knows how to make great portraits. There's in each of them something of private intimacy that is revealed and that we are not used to see. A touch of indecency that makes these images full of sensuality. Bodies are here, real and strangely attractive because of their normality and unglamour postures. This is the kind of discoveries that still gives me the motivation to maintain this blog alive. A site here with the other pictures of this series and a flickr site there. I chose most of the ones posted above because they were the only ones I found in large dimensions or high enough quality but some others are as wonderful.

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