January 21, 2013

Claudia Böhm - Various works

Don't know much about Claudia Böhm and didn't find much about her on the net except she's German, born in 1964 and that these works seem to date from the nineties. Very strange given that I find these  images (at least some of them) totally genius. If one visitor knows more about her, please leave a comment. I rarely have seen pictures this subversive in mixing elements that only nightmares can usually mix with such crudity (the baby with a skullhead is creepy). I used 2 of these images to do the cover of my 2012 fave tracks compilation here and it was normal to make a post here about this artist. Moreover it's rather how I see life these days and how are my nights. The only site I found about  Claudia Böhm is here.

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