January 18, 2013

Edoardo Pasero - Doll flesh

Not often that the statement seems to me more vital than anything I could write about the pictures. Here it is. "Vittoria is a transsexual of German origins born forty-eight years ago in Brazil and now living in Milan, Italy. More than 20 years ago she went through about 300 injections of liquid silicone to shape her body into that of a woman; tragically, she suddenly discovered she was intolerant. After so many years now of intoxication and cortisone treatments her body is consumed. She still works as a prostitute along a highway near Milan, but she never gets undressed with her clients because she doesn’t want them to be aware of her condition. In her spare time she custom builds Barbie dolls. Her talent is really appreciated in the world of the “custom Barbie making”." However, just a few words on this series. Edoardo Pasero is born in 1978 in Alessandria but then moved to Milan and is now a photographer. He says to be principally interested by "themes such as body, sexual identity, gender and body modifications". Always a difficult challenge cos' being at the right distance between the empathy and curiosity is not easy and not many succeed in it. But he does and honestly these pictures moved me as few have done before. Maybe because the transformation by age of my own skin, although only caused by time, is a present obsession and my empathy with Vittoria was much more vivid than it may have been some years ago. Pictures of other people destinies are often crying mirrors. More on this series and photographer here.

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