February 8, 2014

Harry Cloud - Proud mama (the happiest day of my life)

Harry Cloud has sent to me 2 more shots of this weird series. Kind to him and I added them with pleasure (maybe not yours if you think these pictures are sick and infamous). Don't forget Harry Cloud is first a musician and that he's doing a marginal but highly creative and interesting work by his own. His last release (Red Barn) can be heard here and it's a sort of masterpiece.

Harry Cloud is a musician who is far above much of the usual shitty dolls majors or independant labels try to sell us as geniuses. His last album, released under the Single Mothers name (but now under his own name) was in my Top 10 fave LPs of last year (see here) and the demos of his new one (called apparently Ocean Song) will certainly be in my top 10 of this one if I'm still alive next December (both can be listened to below). He's doing music for quite a while now and it's a rather large amount of stuff you can find on his Soundcloud page (here). But of course, on Scoptophilia, it's not his music activity that made me post about him, but this weird series of pictures showing him as a young mum and her baby in a rather bloody and violent (more grotesque than realistic) scene. Impossible not to show it here, it fits well with my usual inclination to find food for thought in any borderline imagery. And it makes me remember my youth when I used to destroy a doll on stage. Seems so far now. One day Harry Cloud will maybe look at these pictures with the same nostalgia and sadness (fucking time making of us these old ugly people) than mine tonight. The whole series here (actually I posted the whole series)

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