January 12, 2013

Hester Scheurwater - Shooting Back (in colour and in black and white)

Hester Scheurwater is a Dutch artist born in 1971 and doing for (how long, I admit I don't know) self-portraits with various cameras, from good quality to iPhone ones, most often shooting her backside, wearing tights (strange nobody notices the fact that she wears this, they even talk about black lingerie but I only see tights and I think this accessory is not without semantic interest). There is a conceptual background behind it (here), but I sometimes suspect this is a posteriori explanation, because artists hate not to comment and find signification in what they do. I personally don't think it goes behind the fascination for our own body and the way he may excites, repulses, suggests desire or not (therefore, the importance of tights in the scenography). I think the approach of Sabrina Dacos (a post soon about her on Scoptophilia) or Lexoweb (here, the most popular post of this blog so far) are less artistic explicit but after all, I put these three ladies in the same "category", singulars and uncategorizable. So, interesting. And more than that, for me, crucials. A site here, her tumblr blog there.

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  1. Interesante vertiente ahora encontrada en estas mujeres con una nueva necesidad de expresar sus hormonas muy revueltas.