January 6, 2013

Jack Delano - Railroad women

Jack Delano has a fascinating life. Born Russian in 1914, he followed his parents who emigrated in the US in 1923, became some years later a photographer for various institutions, and went in Puerto Rico to live permanently in 1946. But he was also a composer of orchestral and chamber music. He even did a film Los Peloteros, about poor rural kids and their love for baseball. He also wrote books for children. What a life. This series from 1943 is not specifically about women wipers for the railway station (actually for the Chicago and North Western Railroad in Clinton, Iowa) but about all the workers from this place, but I think it's interesting to extract specially the pictures of these women since they provide a powerful visual "humanscape" and seem as alvie today as they were when the picture was taken. A gallery about Jack Delano here.

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