February 18, 2013

Angela Strassheim - Pause

Angela Strassheim, born in 1969 in Minnesota, living in Connecticut and working in New York and Israel (says the bio), has a very strange visual UniverSe. Very American in the Hopper and Raymond Carver meanings (and many recent photographers too), with an underlying menacing background, just as if something very bad may occur before or after the shooting. The spanking dad in particular is nothing but weird. And in each portrait, it seems that behind the apparent serenity, the model lives a drama. Not really my personal taste visually, but totally for the semantics. You can see more of her work here. She belongs to the very interesting contempory image makers.

February 17, 2013

George Dureau - Portraits

Fed up with Pistorius? Fed up with this performance myths (either intellectual or sportive), the only one that seems to allow "different" people to be accepted ? So, let's have a look to these wonderful portraits of "different" people, from a New Orleans artist born in 1930 (and still alive). Sensual and classic, in the Greek statues tradition they offer a fondative iconography for bodies usually never associated with such references. Shot in the 70's, 80's and 90's, they show that there's nothing new in this domain and that this century is only building on foundations from visionaries. A site about George Dureau here.

February 15, 2013

Various - Variations around Courbet's Origin of the world

They say they found the other part of the famous Courbet's painting called "The origin of the world" (some young people may wonder what it is supposed to be since it seems most young girls have no more hair on this part of their body, the origin was a forest, it's now a desert). Honestly I have no idea whether this deserves any credit but it gives me the opportunity to post this little series of variations around this painting, not really one of the most erotic of history since a sex has no much interest without a context.

February 11, 2013

Various - The pope's going

Updated post about the pope, celebrating he quits. Not that he was worse than the previous ones, but it's always nice to play with sacrality. Here below the text of the previous post.

It seems that there's a competition between the indignados and the pope for the Puerto Del Sol place. Cos' the pope will come in Madrid in the further days and the place must be washed out. No more of these impious crowds shouting for more democracy (what's this strange concept when submission to God is the only way for salvation), more equality, more social concern. Benedetto the 16th (after all, it's an Italian specialty, so let's call him his local name) is only the new avatar of a long succession of church's bosses that deserve to be mocked and criticized, and this is a sample of illustrations to welcome him nicely. Finally, my fave one is the last. Not very conceptual and artistic, but direct, simple, efficient, and scoptophilianically the best. If someone knows this girl, give her a cheers from me.

February 10, 2013

Lauren Crow - Let me entertain you

Another series from this young and talented photographer from San Francisco (previous one here). Here her statement about this project, better to read from her than from me "I have always had an interest in the business of sex workers. There is evidence of sex workers, or at least sexual services, being traded for goods dating back to Egyptian times. It has always been a taboo subject and profession that to this day, admitting you are an escort will generally cause shame to you/your family. I decided to put myself into the shoes, so to speak, of these women. I dressed up as a different identity each time and posed on anyone's couch who would let me AND for the first time ever, i let my process of shooting myself be watched. For a trade of using their couch, they got a show". The result could be pathetic it's great. The idea of the notebook in which these pictures are inserted, and the fact that her physics is not the usual and boring normative one, contribute to the success of the project. Her site here.