February 8, 2013

Various - Wedding (2)

In France, discussions are not about homeless, misery, poverty, economic crisis or difficulties to find a place to live, but about wedding. Wedding for all, in other words, for people of same sex. Don't have any opinion about wedding, except rather negative ones (I've been married, so I'm immunized), but after all, it's a good opportunity to post a second episode of visual variations around this thema. Sometimes erotic, sometimes funny, sometimes weird. After all, nothing is sacred and notably what deals with love and religion.


  1. Hmmm number 7 seems to be a photoshop processed image. :) It was too good to be true. If you notice you can see the clone stamps at the lower part of the skirt. Anyway keep up the good job mon ami.

  2. Yes, you're right. It's a fake. I didn't look at it close enough. Now I see it. Thanx. Shame actually it would have been great to be true.