March 30, 2013

Patrick Gomme - Chair Corps


Another post from this French photographer (previous post here) who is doing a crucial job in constructing a splendid iconography of real human body, with its incredible and sensual but also sometimes terrible diversity (terrible because of what time and life does to it, even if each age has its sensuality). This series has really an iconic dimension in the classic painting tradition with a clear "vanity" decorum. Note that the name of his work is Chair Corps (flesh body) when this series is actually based on  naked models (rather a false name for real people but it's for convenience) sited on an (arm)chair. Sometimes different language have their own independant process of semantic creatin. More from Patrick Gomme later, with closest shots. His site here, his tumblr blog there. I tried to alternate males and females but the ratio is unbalanced so women are much more represented. I suppose many visitors would find it better that way but although I'm also more interested and fascinated by female than male body, it would be nice to have parity in this work.

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