April 28, 2013

Genevieve Thauvette - Beheld

"Geneviève Thauvette is an emerging Franco-Ontarian artist currently residing in Toronto". That's what says her bio on her site. This series "pays homage to a group of talented female artists, often eclipsed by the men they inspired. By putting these women prominently before the audience and using elements symbolizing aspects found in their own art, I am attempting to promote them as icons in their own right". You see I come rarely now and do not have much to add to the artists statements. It's an interesting series with this Virgin Mary iconographic arrangement of the images (when Joseph was the one omitted in the christian iconography). Not at all based on the body as usual but change is welcome. Other series are also of interest and will maybe give another post in the future. Her site here and the series with the names of the female artists there. There's of course Marina Abramovic among them.

April 20, 2013

Marina Abramovic - Various

It's certainly no use to present this important art performancer who will leaves a strong iconography in art history through the various images shot during her life. She sure made the audience react, although I'm less certain that her message has been clear for everyone but any evidence in art kills it instantly (in a way, that's what meant Jean Cocteau when he said that the will to show destroys art). She's far from the stereotype of the scandalous, provocative and asocial artist and finally became a sort of superstar of the margin. But I'm not expert enough to know exactly where to place her in the contemporary art picture so let's only appreciate her charisma power throughout this selection.

Simen Johan - Evidence of things unseen (part 2)

Another post from one of the most fascinating contemporary photographer and his strongest work to date (at least for my point of view but this is pure subjectivity of a simple amateur). The first part was here. There's really something demoniac, jubilatory and terrifying in this series. Like a childhood nightmare leaving unhealed psychic wounds and definitive mental scars. His site here.

April 15, 2013

Charlie Engman - Domestic Diorama

Know nothing much about this American photographer except his usual work is much fashion-like style than anything else but in this personal project, he provides a strong and original visual domestic landscape with male nude body part (his own?) incongruously invading the space. There's something of the visual violence of these dead corpses we have all seen in the concentration camps, pushed by diggers in ground pits. Maybe I see too much in these exercices-de-style but the viewer often participates to the semantics of a work. So I'm participating. There's also a translation of personal dereliction we feel when home is empty from anybody but us (even if sometimes there are two bodies in the image), and that we feel to hang on from place to place, useless. His site here .

April 14, 2013

Sean DuFrene - Conceptual work

Sean DuFrene is a (rather) young American photographer belonging to a very US-typical visual movement that we could called hyperrealistic-fashion-perverted that was so trendy in the eighties and that I don't like much, but he creates strong and subversive impact when he mixes childhood world and contemporary hypersexual pin-up universe. He could go further but anyway, it's an interesting visual clash. I'm not sure there's any real critical approach in these images, but after all who cares, it's the viewer that can subvert the image and gives it a political and cultural meaning. His site here.