May 1, 2013

Brittany Markert - 35 mm / black & white

Her bio says "Brittany Markert is an analog photographer located in Brooklyn, New York". She seems quite young actuallt (judging by her self-portraits). She often oscillates between the heavy influence of Francesca Woodman and of Larry Clark but in the selection I did above provides a strong imagery of intimacy, surely partly due to the male's (complete or half) hard-on, a good thing when this reproductive appendix is so rarely seen in its functional state although aesthetically it is much more interesting than in its hanging flaccidity. These images of couples abandonned to the uncomparable pleasure to be naked next to a loved body, can be cruel for loners but raise images of the past and hopes for glimpses of revival. Her site here, her flickr gallery there. A colour series in hotel room later on Scoptophilia.

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