May 30, 2013

Otto Muehl - Various aktions

Otto Muehl, one of the founder, father, creator, call it what you want of Viennese Aktionism during the 60's (and more notably the last end of this decade) died 3 days ago (at 87 years). Not sure his work has anything to do with photography but without any doubt with the body, body fluids, productions, body as a thing to dirty, smear, soil, to use as clay or mud. A thing to exhibit and assume, be proud of, the opposite of the judeo-christian narrow-ass vision that dominates our western civilisation (but it's no better in Asia or Africa unfortunately, and not better in America, North or South). GG Allin (in the US) or Costes (in France) are direct descendants, still cruder, harder, dirtier, but surely less arty. Here a selection of good quality images of some of his aktions. Note that he became painter but also led his free-sex philosophy to the limits, having to face judgement and 7 years of prison (in 1991) for the rape and abuse of minors living in the community he created. The unfortunately usual downward spiral of too many libertarians of the sixties and seventies.

May 26, 2013

Roman Opalka - Self-portrait

Better known as a conceptual painter than as a photographer Roman Opalka achieved with this series of self-portrait a truly essential photographic project about the way time changes the details of our face and how we must face time. Details were always an obsession for this Polish artist. Among his declarations, this one: 'All my work is a single thing, the description from number one to infinity. A single thing, a single life', 'the problem is that we are, and are about not to be'. He died at 79 in 2011 reaching number 5607249. He never reached the fatidic 7777777 where everything would have been white (more about this project here). I don't know the timespan of this series of self-portraits. Surely about 40 years. With Rembrandt's self-portraits, one of the most fascinating ever done.

May 24, 2013

Max Dupain - Various images

Born in 1911 and deceased in 1992, Max Dupain is a well-known Australian photographer (at least he's notorious in Australia) and his work deserves to be known more widely. Although his style, specially in nude series, is rather academic, sometimes he provides a really touching and strong vision of life as it goes, when nobody is watching, a sort of paradox for a photography. Here the ones that really raise an emotion in me. Hope it'll do for you. A site about him here.

May 22, 2013

Karolin Kluppel - Never promised you a rose garden / Peekaboo

Karolin Kluppel is a female German photographer born in 1985 and whose imagery is not without similarities with the ones provided by Justin Kurland, Jeff Bark and Sally Mann (after all it is a reasonable mix of the three) but surely many others I ignore. It's nice to see a female photographer treating male nudity not so differently as male photographers sometimes do with female one. Her models are natural and sensual at the same time. Naturalism is not complete, and a certain symbolic approach precludes these pictures to be only naturist stuff. And seeing male peeing as an aesthetic gesture is a welcome change when it's usually shown either as vulgar and disgusting or pornographic and fetichist when not both. Her site (to seem more) here.

May 20, 2013

silabin ณวิทยุ - Various works

Don't know anything (and when I say anything, I mean it) about this photographer, only his sex but not his age, not even where he's from. India I would say, based on his numerous galeries on the net. He seems to have a special attraction for trans, prostitutes, unusual body shapes and characters, young men too, and on the attitude verge, assumed indecency, crudity, proudly-shown humiliated situations. Everything that deserves to feature on this blog who is led as you know by a fucking crazy administrator. One of his galeries here. If you know more about him, leave a comment. If he reads this, I would be honoured he leaves some words to talk about his work.

May 18, 2013

Sarah Small - Surface Magazine / 10 Year Avant Guardian Issue (2008)

 Another series from this great artist. Here some shots done for a a magazine called Surface, an "American magazine of global contemporary design" as they write on their site (here). They must be thanked to have accepted these images (young dressed models with old naked people) since honestly I doubt many others would have. Like in all her work, nudity has a purity and a sane dimension, even sensual, in these images, resulting from technical visual options but also the talent she has to make her models "sound" natural and look "partie prenante" of the process. I really dig this woman. Her site here and a previous post on this blog there.