May 9, 2013

Exilentia Exiff - Lost feminities

One of the strongest work (in terms of my own obsessions) ever done. Don't know much about this photographer except she lives in Berlin. On her site (here) the "about me" says "Exiff is an animal, that wants to become God. That makes him suffer. Exilentia is just an idea of a woman. That makes exiff feel better. „exilentia exiff” is human. It is a human project.". Never an old female body was shown with such a sexualized but non euphemistic approach. Of course it can be a bit shocking and too much for many and could be seen as outrageously humiliating for aged people but actually I see it as an incredible affirmation of life and permanence of sensuality, a visual manifest for freedom that could be prolonged until the agony like some painters did previously. The last one of the above series is rather intriguing and provocative. I don't know the meaning of the strings in the flesh in several pictures. Surely that means something. I got my own interpretations but everyone can have his/her. Yes, this is a strong project. And more to come from this important artist on Scoptophilia.

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