May 30, 2013

Otto Muehl - Various aktions

Otto Muehl, one of the founder, father, creator, call it what you want of Viennese Aktionism during the 60's (and more notably the last end of this decade) died 3 days ago (at 87 years). Not sure his work has anything to do with photography but without any doubt with the body, body fluids, productions, body as a thing to dirty, smear, soil, to use as clay or mud. A thing to exhibit and assume, be proud of, the opposite of the judeo-christian narrow-ass vision that dominates our western civilisation (but it's no better in Asia or Africa unfortunately, and not better in America, North or South). GG Allin (in the US) or Costes (in France) are direct descendants, still cruder, harder, dirtier, but surely less arty. Here a selection of good quality images of some of his aktions. Note that he became painter but also led his free-sex philosophy to the limits, having to face judgement and 7 years of prison (in 1991) for the rape and abuse of minors living in the community he created. The unfortunately usual downward spiral of too many libertarians of the sixties and seventies.

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