May 26, 2013

Roman Opalka - Self-portrait

Better known as a conceptual painter than as a photographer Roman Opalka achieved with this series of self-portrait a truly essential photographic project about the way time changes the details of our face and how we must face time. Details were always an obsession for this Polish artist. Among his declarations, this one: 'All my work is a single thing, the description from number one to infinity. A single thing, a single life', 'the problem is that we are, and are about not to be'. He died at 79 in 2011 reaching number 5607249. He never reached the fatidic 7777777 where everything would have been white (more about this project here). I don't know the timespan of this series of self-portraits. Surely about 40 years. With Rembrandt's self-portraits, one of the most fascinating ever done.

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