May 20, 2013

silabin ณวิทยุ - Various works

Don't know anything (and when I say anything, I mean it) about this photographer, only his sex but not his age, not even where he's from. India I would say, based on his numerous galeries on the net. He seems to have a special attraction for trans, prostitutes, unusual body shapes and characters, young men too, and on the attitude verge, assumed indecency, crudity, proudly-shown humiliated situations. Everything that deserves to feature on this blog who is led as you know by a fucking crazy administrator. One of his galeries here. If you know more about him, leave a comment. If he reads this, I would be honoured he leaves some words to talk about his work.


  1. I don't know him. But i would say the photographer is from Tailand. The alphabet, the obsetion for trans bodies, and characters of the models, etc. It a nice one

  2. Thx. You're surely right. I didn't recognize the alphabet and the indices you give are in favor of this hypothesis.