June 15, 2013

Renan Polles - Vanitas vanitatum

Renan Polles, born in 1943, is a famous French director of photography who worked with rather notorious movie directors such as Jean Eustache, Jacques Doillon, Romain Goupil and Pascal Thomas. He even was the DP on Jean Rollin's Requiem for a vampire. But he also has his individual artistic path (see his blog here) and this recent series, called Vanitas vanitatum is stunning and had absolutely to feature on this blog. It's a variation around the vanities concept with skulls placed in symbolic arrangements with a various underlying semantics. There's also a bunch of simpler works (the last pictures of the selection above) with a strong macabre and finally humouristic visual perfume. Since this exhibition started only yesterday, I encourage everyone living in or near Paris, or any foreigner visiting Paris, to have a jump in the place (here) just near Place Clichy and to stay a while in the strange atmosphere created by these picturial creations. Maybe THE man will be here too. He was today and he's kind and friendly. More on the gallery site here.

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