June 9, 2013

Various - Weird fantasm n°1: women eating spaghetti bolognaise (wtf)

wtf for what the fuck cos' I don't explain myself this fetichist fantasm of seeing half- or total-naked young women eating spaghetti dirty. More specifically when they are cooked "à la bolognaise" with tomato sauce and meat balls. I suppose the spaghetti is not the symbol of the male penis. It would be an unexpected modesty (or humour) and usually sexy male imagery over-amplifies masculine attributes and makes humour at the expense of women not of men. So we must imagine other hypotheses. Maybe it's only the intrinsic property of spaghetti bolognaise to transform any meal in a sort of orgy even if we try to eat them cleanly. Or the association between this tiny phallic symbol with (meat) balls, but except if she had biten in it and makes it bleed, I don't explain the symbol of tomato sauce. A recipe with white  cream would be more appropriate. But no matter, across time, here a selection (from contest to porn through fashion or amateur, the last being a parody of course) of this strange oro-sex imagery.  

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