August 27, 2013

Fausto Podavini - Mirella

Strange I'm back. Not as far as yesterday, and for the last 2 months, I was pretty sure to never post anything here again. It seemed even funny and ridiculous to me to have kept things going here for so long. It's the way you see what you've done when depression puts its luggages in your head. But discovering the winner of the World Press Photo Contest in the Daily Life category made me found the path to this blog again. It's a series by an Italian photographer called Fausto Podavini about Mirella, a woman who takes care of her husband Luigi who's affected by Alzheimer dementia. They are married for 40 years and now that he loses his head, she's there. Podavini's pictures are exactly what they had to be given the subject. And he's to congratulate since in other hands I'm not sure it would have reached this level of universality and this emotional strenght. But in the present state of my mind, it also say something about what a fucking awful future life sometimes cooks behind your back in its hellish kitchen. The photographer's site here. The whole serie's there. PS. Luigi died in May 2011. Pictures were shot the year before.