September 26, 2013

Laurent Benaîm - Recent works

After degradation, elderness, illness, poverty and death, a little bit of hedonism won't harm. A third post about Laurent Benaim, who is creating a strong and modern sex iconography. I'm not sure but it seems these shots are recent works. And they become less and less descriptive and more and more "pictural" (in the French meaning of the world, i.e., like paintings). Here group sex loses all its bleak and unsane assimilation and becomes a serene exciting activity between people in search of the same lost carnal and orificial heaven. The treatment (technics of the 19th century it seems) of the image totally avoids any comparison with porno stuff (even if some porno stuff can have its merits, but usually not for the artistic quality of the visual approach). Hope he'll give us more in the future. His site here.


  1. Nice, wonderful blog. I linked and mention it several times.

  2. Thanx. I appreciate (linking and commenting)