October 20, 2013

Dorothea Lange - Migrant mothers and children

Since in France, it seems that more and more people think it's a crime to be poor and to try to find a better place to live, elsewhere, for example in France, this post from the great Dorothea Lange (the pictures were taken in 1936), showing with a moving sense of respect and dignity poor migrants during the Great Depression, and more specifically mothers with their children who would later make what America is today: the most culturally and ethnically diverse, innovative and creative place of the world. French would be better inspired, if they don't want their (and secondary mine) country to become an ancillary earth for tourists, to welcome the poor migrants, today Roms, as they welcomed decades ago Italians or Spanish, but unfortunately not Maghrebians. Not being able to welcome strangers is for sure a sign of a declining civilization. More than words, these pictures are a visual testimony that misery is the same throughout history and that only its status in the society is different. Its present status is rather revolting, even disgusting, at least in France.

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  1. you can nearly feel what they feel. nearly.

    love, mod