November 11, 2013

Vincent Gouriou - Various works

Vincent Gouriou is a (rather) young French photographer whose portraits raise a curious moving melancholy in the viewer's mood. But a strangely happy one since his pictures have a rare sensuality, surely due to the sense of intimacy we share with the model. There's not in his images, the sometimes freezed scenography of supposely so many poetic portraits, even some I have posted on this blog before. Gouriou shows a much greater empathy  with the people than these "makers". I would say, although I'm not particularly found of the psychological specificities of my country, that he has something that French have shown in their history, this ability to thinks larger than his own self. To feel that he belongs not only to humanity, but to each individual of this humanity. I would be better inspired not to try to write about this work with such a poor level of english. What's important is to not forget this name, it's one that deserves to be known worldwide. His site here.

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