January 26, 2014

Nina Djaerff - Various women

Don't know (and didn't find) much about Nina Djaerff, except she's from Norway and seems to be in her adulthood period (in her 30s 40s I mean). Her images refer to painting technique and aspects, possess a somewhat paganist atmosphere with the earthy texture of her model skin, and treat as beauty bodies not usually associated with that. All in all, perfectly fitting in this blog. If some visitors know more about this photograph, don't hesitate to post a comment. Didn't find a site about her.

January 3, 2014

Anders Petersen - Various works

Since there's an exhibition of his work in Paris (the place I live) ending on February the 2nd, I update this post. Not to miss for sure if you're around there. The BnF site is here (their site is shitty and has been made by a 5 yr child for sure but we got to do with it).

Once again, it won't be a scoop to write that Anders Petersen (born in Sweden) is one of the greatest photographer of the last decades (he's 68 now and has worked since 1967). His approach of photography is not far from that of Miron Zownir (here) and could be summarized in "being the most relevant to social outliers lives", not making them sort of freaks we look to with curiosity or with a stinky compassion, but with whom we feel to share a common human condition. I'm not sure every of those pictures should have been made and why they have been, but here they are and we must face them. My fave is the first of this series (not chosen because these pictures are the best to my eyes but because they are the best quality ones I found on the net). This man literary eating the ass of this woman is for me an image of happiness in life, the only sensitive answer to paradise lost. A site here. Here a recent (some days ago) interview of Anders Petersen. One of the best I ever read in my life, not for the questions, but for the answers. PS. Yes the last was used by Tom Waits for his Rain Dogs album in 1985.