January 16, 2015

Brad Elterman - Kim Fowley and Kelly Cunningham

This post redated as a tribute to good ol' Kim who died yesterday. He used to say lately that "Death was his next long-time project". We would have liked that it was never released but Mr Fowley always did what he promised. His last fight had panache as this series shows. Hope, if there's something after death, that there are lot of wonderful naked ladies. He deserves them.

While our beloved Kim, the bad boy of rock 'n' roll and lord of garbage, is facing a new chemotherapy for his bladder cancer, here a recent session with the model Kelly Cunningham shot by the famous Californian photographer of the (first or second order) stars Brad Elterman. What I find touching in this series (published in purple DIARY and that made quite a buzz in the US it seems) is the presence of sex even in the situations where the body seems to be reduced to dying meat for the medical vultures (even in the form of nice nurses, kind doctors and post-modern technology). Sex, excitation, indecency and shocking prudishness don't have to vanish when fucking cancer took possession of our body. We are still in charge. Get out of this one again Kim. The whole series here.

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