March 23, 2014

silabin ณวิทยุ - New series

A new series of pictures by this great photographer (from Thailande it seems but tell me if I'm wrong). I posted a previous one here and I can't get enough of it since there is here maybe the humanity missing in d'Agatta's work. Not the same strenght of course but more empathy and humour for sure. Nudity here has this real eroticism so often lacking in most of pictures featuring naked models. Here, bodies seem so real, so near to touch, so present, it's an unusual and moving impression. And the uncertain nature of the places they are (hotels, clubs, inbetweens), add to the unterritoriality of their atmosphere. It's humans as they are when they are nowhere and they assume this machine they call their body. His flickr site with much more varied subjects of models shot here.

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