May 30, 2014

Alberto García-Alix - Selected works


Few would deny that Alberto Garcia-Alix is one of the most important Spanish photographer of the last 20 years and this selection gives convincing credit to this statement. Being part of the La Movida movement, he's mainly interested in marginal people, but everybody knows that only in the margin you can write something personal, the rest is full of conventional wor(l)ds. I admit that I've a tropism for his pictures of nudity because it is after all the base of this blog, and also because he adds something to a domain so full of candidates and so few of creators. What I like is the fact that these portraits are neither only the exposition of unclothed bodies, neither their eroticized scenography. Pissing, showing their cunt, or only being there without giving a fuck of the camera, models give the impression that they're waiting the end of the shoot to do their stuff and only provide the posture asked by the photographer. And among the whole, a portrait of Johnny Thunders and another pix with Tav Falco. The last images are the artist himself. Long live to him (I'm not far from his age so it's a common wish maybe although death is finally nothing so terrible). His site here. Go and see much more, and maybe stuff you'll like much more than my personal selection.

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