May 18, 2014

Artur Żmijewski - Oko za oko (an eye for an eye)

Artur Żmijewski is not a Polish photographer per se but a multismedia artist using various materials. Here is a series of pictures associated with a short movie (11 min, posted below) called Oko za oko which means An eye for an eye, with a disabled man (one leg missing) as main character. Here is the description provided with the video: "Oko za oko (An Eye for an Eye) consists of a set of three large-format color photographs and a video. The photographs and video depict naked men with amputated limbs, accompanied by able-bodied people, who in the staged photographs and in the film "lend" their limbs to the amputated as they stroll, climb stairs or bathe. The naked bodies of the protagonists were assembled by the artist in complex compositions creating bodily hybrids: two-headed men, men with two pairs of arms etc., and at the same time the appearance of new able-bodied organisms in which the “healthy” supply the amputated with substitute limbs. The title of Zmijewski's work recalls the antique rule of dispensing justice, but the artist is not concerned with the question of revenge but with that of possibilities". A way to show alter ego compensation in opposite to help, pity, charity. But more importantly, this is visually appealing. Born in 1966, Żmijewski achieved this work in 1998 at 32, showing a great maturity in the way he treats such a subject. He's now a rather respected artist but I didn't see such a strong work in his subsequent projects. Maybe I missed some.

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