May 5, 2014

Noah Kalina - Sex (2007-2009)

This American photographer's work is difficult to summarize in a few words since it's diversity may seem too heterogenous to have a single direction. But, except for this series, I'd say that it deals with hyper-realism, when photography is so perfect that it seems paradoxically unreal. American visual artists are apparently tinterested in this unsafe and insane approach of reality, surely the consequence of them often living in a cinematographic world with aesthetic and inter-relation rules defined by screens and media or ad propaganda more than actual reality. After 4 years keeping this blog alive, what I've clearly realised is how far from each others are western and eastern societies in photography options, and how Europe seems to hesitate between each. In this series I chose from Noah Kalina, it's unusally the blurred approach of bodies that is in the center of the image. And it's true that's what remains in our brain of our sex moments, when time goes on, a blurred souvenir of something that has been but became only a ghostly and haunting trace without consistency. His site here. The title of the series is actually Internet / Sex, but since I did not post any of the Internet pictures (computers on a bed), I decided to only keep Sex.

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