June 14, 2014

Nobuyoshi Araki -Various works

Strange I never posted anything from this great and famous japanese photographer before. Not that I share his obsessions for women in gynecologist postures or bonded or humiliated, but because it is one of the most influential image creator in the domain of body, only female it is to note. Based on a fascination for sex and death (Antoine d'Agata is one of his spiritual son in a way), I often see in his work a way to abolish the barrier between a picture designed to be seen as an esthetic work or as a support for sexual excitation. In another words, between art and porno. But since he was one of the pioneer, he deserves to be known and cited. Here I selected some images without bondage and in which I find a kind of visual poetry when in many (he is very prolific) there is much less. Born in 1940, he's a veteran now but his pictures look as fresh and juvenile as ever. You can have a glimpse on his work here.

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