August 23, 2014

InterZone - Various models

Although the work of this French photographer (didn't find his name) belongs to the erotic imagery, not really the domain covered by this blog, it's a fantastic pleasure to see that he chooses female models with real gynoid body shapes (the famous pear metaphor, the symbol of feminity and paradoxically the shape which is the less appreciated in the media for feminine representations, maybe because we are in a period of male-oriented normalisation, and because men actually hide their homosexual inclination in changing female norms towards masculine anatomy). And with their pubic hair. And with curves. And with cellulitis (a wrong word, cellulitis is a severe subcutaneous infection). The fact is these pictures seem unusual for erotic images of women when actually they are among the rare ones that truly show how nature built women bodies (but of course, there's a wide variety of natural female body shapes, everything in "nature" displaying a gaussian distribution). You can see much more (in particular colour pictures) here and buy some there. Hope this will be followed by more photographers in the future.


  1. Love these images, but they're totally ruined by the "I'm a photographer with a studio" logo plastered all over them. Someone needs to give him a friendly suggestion that this is kind of amateur hour...

  2. Totally agree with you. Find it childish.