August 22, 2014

Olivier Fermariello - Je t'aime moi aussi

The photographer's statement seems to me the most important comment to add to this series (and since I had a scientific paper rejected today with a severe judgement about my English, I'm not in the mood to make myself ridiculous in writing about it). "Showing a naked body in public may still be considered as a means to draw people’s attention over a social matter, especially when the boundaries of ideological spaces defined by the traditional socio-sexual roles are openly trespassed. People with disability in most cases feel the discrimination of not being considered entirely as a man or a woman: instead they feel treated either as children, either as beings belonging to a third gender, neutral with no libido. This project is about people, who are suffering from this kind of discrimination, but are not willing to give up their fight choosing a direct way to express themselves revealing their intimacy." You can read a story about some of the models and see the full series here. Although I'm not sure this is the best way to treat disabilited bodies, it deserves to be seen and discussed. And there's a true empathy with models and a warm atmosphere that reminds some ancient paintings. But I wrote more that I wanted to. PS. The title of the series is in French and not mine (inspired by a Serge Gainsbourg's erotic song). It's the actual title.

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