August 29, 2014

William Ropp - Various

I wonder why it took me so much time to post about William Ropp. Since he's French, I have no excuses. Since his work is strong, fascinating and relevant to the main thema of this blog, I have less than no excuses. Born in 1960 in Nancy, where he still lives, he keeps his path through the mysterious nature of the human face and body considered as landscapes haunted by a strange phenomenon called life. He is mainly interested by children and he provides a thrilling imagery of childhood, not dissimilar to the most anguishing child's characters books and movies offered in the past. Sometimes, the influence of Sally Mann is obvious but he avoids mimetism. Although he became one of the greatest specialists of domesticating black and white, like Odilon Redon in the past he changed his technique and he's currently working with colour. The result is stunning and will provide the opportunity for another post later. His site here.

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