September 26, 2014

Mihail Ioanidi - Images

Don't know much about Mihail Ioanidi, except he's born in 1951, he lives in Russia near the black sea, and he's a photographer (but also a painter judging by his facebook page). But what I know is that his images have really something others have not. A particular poetry, a sort of iconographic quality that makes them haunt you forever. They are not many to achieve such a challenge and he's one. He seems to work with old apparatus and it's surely one of the reasons of the special texture and colour deepness of his images. Apart from the technical quality of the image, he succeeds, as many of his eastern pairs, to show something of the human condition without any of the manierism and arty posture of most of western photographers and painters. That's all for tonight. His facebook page here.

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