October 19, 2014

Joe Schwab - Portraits 2

Another post about Jo Schwab female models (and mostly about their breasts except the last one as a sort of "privacative" joke). You can read about him in the first post (here). Strangely, this first post is each week always number one in the "Last week most popular posts" section on the right. Don't really know the reason (don't think it's because you can look at women's tits, there's plenty more on the net). It's true we have here a wide variety of chests and it's a fascinating spectacle for men to see this incredibly richness of nature's gift for female breasts. More largely, there's here a sort of celebration of female body diversity and since the pictures are of high quality, maybe this is the explanation of this continuum success in this blog's charts. Or maybe there's something less positive and I prefer not to know it. If you want to see more by Jo Schwab, you can go here.

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