October 24, 2014

Melanie Bonajo - Various works

Melanie Bonajo isn't strictly speaking a photographer but more a polyvalent artist using pictures to keep alive some scenes she creates. More a performer. Like many artists in the last century, unsaid captions seem unavoidable to understand the images she produces but her work is strong enough to have value on its own, even without the intellectual (and sometimes a little boring and conventional politically correct) dimension of the message. Dutch, born in 1978, she has I hope a long path to walk and maybe she'll provide more to think about. Here a site.


  1. Why have you photographed people while urinating

  2. I'm not Melanie Bonajo. Ask the artist. But on a personal plan, I find touching, moving and pleasant to see people urinating. And some well-known painting masters found it too. You should ask yourself why you may find it offensive (if you do but you don't specify)