December 12, 2014

Various - Wheelchairs

Since I'm listening to Vic Chesnutt, I can't help to post some pictures I had gathered here and there with wheelchairs during the last years. Initially I collected pictures with or without people in it but now I don't feel unhabited wheelchairs so interesting, thus I only post pictures with somebody in them. I don't really appreciate images done with valid models playing the disabled (even for the best reasons of the world, even for fetish shots) and if I can't be certain that all the above pictures are done with real disabled people, I think most if all are. As previously, I don't provide the name of each photographer in these various series. Sorry for the photographers but to be true I didn't keep their names in memory so those who didn't write it on their images can leave a comment to signal who they are (but if you place yuur mouse on the picture, the name of the photographer is in the URL of the pictures that all come from DeviantArt). And try to listen to Vic Chesnutt looking at these images.

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