January 30, 2015

Susan Copich - Domestic bliss

A fine idea (and realisation). This American dancer did this series of images in which she provides a nightmarish vision of the american way of family life. Not really abrasive since there is no ambiguity about the ironic dimension of the pictures that could be taken as offensive (the bath one for example) and actually the viewer is well aware that this Buster Keatonish mother is not really ready to commit suicide. But anyway, impossible not to add this nice series on this blog. Maybe she should try some more provocative in the future. Just to see how her amateurs will react. Her bio here and the whole series on the site. 

January 28, 2015

Jonathan Abbou - Various works

This French photographer born in 1967 should have been on this blog much earlier but who knows why it took years to include him in. Maybe I was at the beginning less inclined to put erotic arty material but after all his work, and specially my selection, is not possible to reduce to any style. Let's say it's sometimes a little bit "cliché" for me but I can't deny I like them a lot and that each one of the above series would do a cult cover sleeve (the main criterion for me). I encourage any visitor to explore his site and find much more to look at here. There's several things to buy so you may want to have with you concrete things to touch. 

January 22, 2015

Elena Helfrecht - The wounded / A Heart's Tale

This very young German photograph (born in 1992) provides a very interesting and singular visual universe. It's rather clear that her work follows the glorious path of the traditional German romantism à-la-Goethe, only more inclined toward scarified skin than sacrified spirit. When she uses too much digitalisation manipulations I don't think she's as good than in the here-selected pictures where there is an appeased way to make the viewer face things he/she would normally tried to avoid looking at. Her bio states that "she grew up remote from big cities and is influenced by the dark forests and folklore of Bavaria" and that "for expressing her mind she often uses herself as a model which allows her to bring the images in her head to life in the most detailed and accurate way" and finally that "her works are meant to question the traditional definition of beauty and to take a closer look at what makes us human". Nothing to add. Except that her site's here.  

January 16, 2015

Brad Elterman - Kim Fowley and Kelly Cunningham

This post redated as a tribute to good ol' Kim who died yesterday. He used to say lately that "Death was his next long-time project". We would have liked that it was never released but Mr Fowley always did what he promised. His last fight had panache as this series shows. Hope, if there's something after death, that there are lot of wonderful naked ladies. He deserves them.

While our beloved Kim, the bad boy of rock 'n' roll and lord of garbage, is facing a new chemotherapy for his bladder cancer, here a recent session with the model Kelly Cunningham shot by the famous Californian photographer of the (first or second order) stars Brad Elterman. What I find touching in this series (published in purple DIARY and that made quite a buzz in the US it seems) is the presence of sex even in the situations where the body seems to be reduced to dying meat for the medical vultures (even in the form of nice nurses, kind doctors and post-modern technology). Sex, excitation, indecency and shocking prudishness don't have to vanish when fucking cancer took possession of our body. We are still in charge. Get out of this one again Kim. The whole series here.