January 22, 2015

Elena Helfrecht - The wounded / A Heart's Tale

This very young German photograph (born in 1992) provides a very interesting and singular visual universe. It's rather clear that her work follows the glorious path of the traditional German romantism à-la-Goethe, only more inclined toward scarified skin than sacrified spirit. When she uses too much digitalisation manipulations I don't think she's as good than in the here-selected pictures where there is an appeased way to make the viewer face things he/she would normally tried to avoid looking at. Her bio states that "she grew up remote from big cities and is influenced by the dark forests and folklore of Bavaria" and that "for expressing her mind she often uses herself as a model which allows her to bring the images in her head to life in the most detailed and accurate way" and finally that "her works are meant to question the traditional definition of beauty and to take a closer look at what makes us human". Nothing to add. Except that her site's here.  

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