January 8, 2015


If the bastards who slaughtered the 12 persons in the Charlie Hebdo attack, had an exhaustive list of infidels to kill cause of blasphemy or insult to their prophet, sure I'd be on it, since there is enough on this blog to make these anencephales want me to cut my head off. There was a time I sent to Charlie Hebdo some chronicles, then, in tandem with an illustrator, some political drawings, trying to incorporate this team of highly talented caricaturists who, for the last 40 yeas of my life, were companions of mood and laugh, of atheism and anti-bigotry humour. It seems almost unreal that in the brain(less) of some (sub)humans could germinate such a non-sense idea to kill people because of what they draw, write or create. But for the last 30 years, bigotry and censorship for religious reasons are a cancer that grows and there has been a criminal indulgency to this day, letting in frontline the libertarians, journalists, creators when all those who feel the children of Rousseau, Diderot and Voltaire should raise themselves against this new theonazism. Sorry for the approximate English but today I don't care. I just want this blog to take its part to the universal sorrow, hommage and resistance to obscurantism, which is one of its original aim. What's stunning is the fact that so many people worldwide, and more specifically in Europe, have shown their solidarity with Charlie and more largely, with French people. Hope this could be the first act of an united feeling of belonging to this single unity which is called Europe. 

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  1. Thanks for putting in words what is in many of our hearts. My modest blogs are also forbidden by Sharia. "Theonazism" is quite a good word to classify the phenomenon that tries to assemble the radicals with all Muslims, which is wrong (actually many of my readers through time were Muslims, and I hope they didn't get arrested for that). I do recognize you are Charlie. I'm glad to be following your blog.