January 15, 2015

Mickey Baratta - Polaroids

There's a time when a page must be turned and since Charlie Hebdo finally survived (minus 7 members of the staff), we must all go on, knowing that things will never be the same and that many of us, in France, have at least understood we were an extreme minority in the world to think the way we think the place of the "religious" in society and in our lives. It was clear when the new Charlie front page was not even shown in countries such as UK or US, demonstrating that the ideas of Voltaire and Diderot have not dissiminated far away from their original birth place. There'll be a day when maybe it will be forgotten that it was possible to be atheist and draw or say anything about this supersticious archaism called faith in a god, whatever he's called. Meanwhile let's go on with this blog the time it will be possible. Today, a young American photographer born 1990 in California and living in Salt Lake City. He worked for the porn company Kink and I'll show some of his shots later on. Here are some of his polaroids (at least the format) and I think they're great and magical. Two of them were transformed in polaroid format by me. My excuses but I find they fitted in this series. His site here

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