February 8, 2015

Gert Jochems - S

I think it's S for Sex. Or Sexe since Gert Jochems (born in 1969) is from Belgium (but not French-speaking part of the country). He's also a sociologist, and it's great he found a way to express his interests in photography and in social sciences on a similar level. Can't help to think about Leslie Krims when I look at these weird scenes of everyday people's sexuality. Not a small compliment since this american master has always been one of my faves. If there is more fascination than excitation in these shots, if some may provide some supports for mockery and disgust, it's a precious document on the incredibly rich variety of sexual practices in the contemporary population. Rather sinister and depressive in a way. But actually this work is not meant to give a message but seems to say "it's up to you". Photographer's site (with more to see) here

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