March 5, 2015

Blogger backs off: sex-content blogger blogs not sent to privacy-only anymore (???) What is the fuck with Blogger's bosses?

Blogger changed their mind. They sent me that (still in French but it says that I must not take notice of their previous message informing this blog would be restrained to private viewing, in other ways a death sentence. It seems the forum reactions were so negative they finally realized they had done a dumb as ass mistake. Don't know who are the chiefs of Blogger but they certainly need some formation in management. So, the good news is that this blog will go on the way it is. Here their message : "Cher utilisateur de Blogger, La semaine dernière, vous avez reçu un e-mail à propos de modifications qui devaient porter sur le Règlement relatif au contenu de Blogger. Nous vous indiquions que ce changement allait concerner notamment le contenu pornographique sur Blogger. Il était question que les blogs diffusant des images sexuellement explicites ou illustrant des scènes de nu deviennent privés. Vous avez été très nombreux à réagir à cette annonce, en particulier à l'effet d'un tel changement sur les blogs de longue date, et à son impact négatif sur les internautes qui publient du contenu sexuellement explicite pour exprimer leur identité. Nous vous remercions pour vos commentaires. Ce changement n'est donc plus à l'ordre du jour et les règlements existants restent en vigueur ( Conséquences pour votre blog : La pornographie commerciale reste interdite. Si votre blog comporte du contenu pornographique ou sexuellement explicite, vous devez activer le paramètre Contenu réservé aux adultes (, de manière à faire apparaître un avertissement. S'il n'y a pas sur votre blog de contenu sexuellement explicite et que vous respectez le Règlement relatif au contenu de Blogger (, vous n'avez pas à apporter de modifications à votre blog. Merci de continuer à nous faire part de vos commentaires. L'équipe Blogger"

I received that (sorry, I didn't find an English version of this message) : Cher utilisateur de Blogger, Nous vous informons que nous allons bientôt apporter une modification au règlement relatif au contenu de Blogger. Celle-ci est susceptible d'avoir une incidence sur votre compte. D'ici quelques semaines, nous n'autoriserons plus les blogs où sont publiées des images ou des vidéos montrant de la nudité ou à caractère sexuel explicite. Lorsqu'elle est représentée dans un contexte artistique, éducatif, documentaire ou scientifique, ou lorsque l'importance des enjeux pour le public nous conduit à ne pas prendre de mesures relatives au contenu, la nudité restera autorisée. Le nouveau règlement entrera en vigueur le 23 mars 2015. Après cette date, nous limiterons l'accès aux blogs qui, selon nous, ne respectent pas le nouveau règlement. Nous ne supprimerons pas de contenu, mais seuls les auteurs des blogs concernés et les personnes avec lesquelles ils ont expressément partagé leurs blogs pourront voir le contenu que nous aurons rendu privé. D'après les informations en notre possession, votre compte est susceptible d'être concerné par cette nouvelle règle. Veuillez ne pas créer de contenu qui serait contraire à celle-ci. Nous vous demandons également d'apporter les modifications nécessaires à votre blog existant pour le mettre en conformité avec celle-ci le plus rapidement possible et éviter ainsi toute interruption de service. Cordialement, L'équipe Blogger. 

My answer.
First I don't accept your "cordialement". You should have the dignity to consider that a death sentence is not a cordial announcement. Fucking modern times when every crime has to be done kindly.

Second, you apparently consider my blog as not artistic or educational. A rather narrow-minded vision of art and education. I would like to tell you that some media such as the Guardian have included links to Scoptophilia in their papers to illustrate some exhibitions. But surely this is no proof for you. And clear that it's no less than fascism, you do not give me a chance to plead my cause anywhere.

Third, the phobia of nudity is surely the worst thing that occurred to humanity in the last 40 years and the one that made me quit soon this world without any regret. Listen google mates, you have dicks, vulvas, asses, you shit you fuck you piss as anyone else, you surely look at porn secretly, feeling guilty and masturbating feeling a piece of shit when all this is only natural and is neither dirty or bad but only basic physiological functions that we should try to live with the highest level of pleasure, joy and acceptance. This would surely reduce a great part of horror on this planet. But you don't care about all that. You only want to please the religious and moral lobbys. So I won't remove any content, I won't change anything until my death sentence day, March 23, 2015. You are tartuf(f)es, great and pathetic contempory tartuf(f)es. Surely you don't know this name. This is a famous Molière's play character. Read it here and you'll see you in it like in a mirror. Now it's up to you. You got the virtual gun in your hands to destroy 5 years of patient and altruistic work.


  1. That's so sad.... just wanted to issue my empathy and say thank you for the great work you invested in this blog.
    It's a case of irony, when in times we all want to be CHARLIE at the same time censorships is kicking in for so called "sexual" content...
    Best wishes,

  2. Je suis Scoptophilia, je suis DKelvin.

    Mimmo Gerratana

  3. That's terrible :(
    I only just discovered this blog a short while ago..
    and you have curated such an interesting collection of images here.

    I suppose it's their product and they can do what they want with it- but they are shooting themselves in the foot with this decision. People like controversial imagery, whether they admit to it or not. Further- who wants to trust a search engine and various information-related products belonging to a company that censors content?

    If you start up again, let us know where you go. You have a great eye. Tumblr is larger and very liberal. I believe there are tools to migrate your Blogger to Tumblr or some of the other options.


  4. Sincere thanks for your support messages. Even if they are not numerous compared to the weekly visit rate, it's consolation anyway. I fear Scoptophilia will disappear without much ado. It's the rule of the web. Once the spider caught you, you're dead. I will decide when (or if, let's be optimistic) the blog will be concealed to private, whether or not I switch to tumblr since it seems Yahoo has given some assurance last year that they won't follow the same prudery politics than Google. But they may change their views and to be honest I'm not sure to have enough motivation to recreate an ancillary Scoptophilia elsewhere. Since I'm not the only one to manage a "nudity and explicit sexuality content" blog on Blogger with some "art" preoccupations, maybe there'll be some echo to this virtual slaughter. But maybe not.
    Next weeks will be crucial.
    Thanks again

  5. Please tell us you will export your blog! Wordpress, maybe?... I do hope you find a solution. All the best.