February 28, 2015

Sookie Sirene - Colour self-portraits

Since I got apparently only some weeks left before this blog is definitively closed by google (via Blogger), I will post some more material by my favorite contemporary photographers, either amateurs or professionals, with high or no notoriety. I'll post too some stuff I was keeping in my "to post" folder cos' time is missing now. Today it's Sookie Sirene (previous post here), who follows her singular path through her own inner torments using her body of mature woman, far from the insipid young female models that most nude photography forces on us, to create a visual translation of all her (and ours) mental storms. She often use surimpression. I'm not very fond of this merging images technics but I must say she does it well. What I find fascinating is her creativity in ceating expressionist body postures. It would be hypocrite to deny there's an erotic power in these pictures (sorry M Blogger, don't look at it if you are shocked, I promise to put kittens soon on this blog, funny that Sookie Sirene actually often poses with cats but this is not the pictures I used, stupid I am). But it's surely what makes them so strong, everyone knows (except bigots) that Eros & Thanatos walk hand in hand (actually bones in genitals). Sookie Sirene's site (actually a blog on tumblr, maybe the place I should move this blog to) is always here


  1. lucky for us that google reversed its decision to close sexually explicit blogs

  2. 2nd The Society - as long as you're not "commercial porn" you're probably okay, and that's a great thing. I love your blog and the beautiful stuff you expose me too. Keep up the good work - and if you move let us know.

    Best, Roger