February 14, 2015

Various - Stereoscopic daguerreotype's nudes

The Daguerreotype was the first photographic process that allowed a long-lasting conservation of the taken images. Invented in 1835 by Louis Daguerre (he was French), the technic was considered by some as the end of painting (it was actually not) in particular Turner. Here I selected the stereoscopic pictures, a way to create movement using the optic physiology of the eyes. The technic was used widely only over a 10 years timespan, being replaced by more convenient technics, the reason why most of the pictures were from 1850/1860. For us, there's a really magical dimension to these images, not only because these images have something visually full of mystery, a gothic flavor, but also because seing nude humans that lived almost 2 centuries ago provides a weird feeling. And it's fascinating how female nudity was quickly a privileged thema of the male photographers although times were rather prudes. Some of these shots are even bending towards pornography. Make virtually love with women bodies older than our grand-grand-grand mother is a pleasure that we have no reason to avoid. 

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