March 25, 2015

Ribas Prous - Various works

Didn't find much material to post about Josep Maria Ribas Prous, this great photgrapher born in 1940 in Barcelona but even little is better than none. My favorites are the first pictures, shot in the 70's, and I would have liked to find more. But his further works are interesting too. There's a sense of mystery in these images, and even if female body is here shown more as an object than a subject, the quality of the composition, not far from Leon Spilliaert self-portrait ones, is a great point. No site for this artist. 

March 22, 2015

Stefan Ruitenbeek - Recent works


Born in 1982 in the Netherland, it seems Stefan Ruitenbeek lives now in Berlin where he found a more decomplex relation of people with their body and with nudity (finally I think I should not be so few inclined toward Germany). Interestingly he succeeds in photographing far from usual erotic normalized naked bodies of women covered with painting and other various apparently dirty elements, and providing an unerotic but nonetheless sensual and even exciting iconography. But the sexual stimulation here is similar to the one we feel in real relation, not the one artificially mediated by imagery. A sort of tour-de-force with, after all, a rather basic approach ot photography. Models are all in their carnal identity and not only living objects. Maybe he should use some male bodies too. The man's site seems not to work so I give a link to an interesting interview here

March 17, 2015

Claude Fauville - Les pisseuses

Born in 1940, Claude Fauville is a Belgium photographer whose work is mainly about eroticism. Here some pictures from his famous series showing pissing women in black and white. Some may think one must be a little insane and pervert to take pictures of women peeing, and still much more to have a scoptophilian emotion in watching it. I would only comment that beauty has sometimes been considered as perversion before being adopted by most. Actually, ondinism has long been part of sex games before being condemned as a perversion. All the basic metaphors on the similarities between ad female vulva from which urine is flowing and a river cascade may seem trivial or easy to many but have a deep resonance in numerous men, I'm one of them. And even some women have a reciprocical emotion. Fauville site here. PS. There are many more pictures of this series on the web but I chose to post only those with the best quality, size and definition. For those who want to see more in high quality, buy the book. 

March 11, 2015

Miss Faye Daniels - Various

Here's a model for a change. In the first years of this blog, I used to post about models, often unusual body shape models, and most of them were either what one call curvy or BBW. It's once again the case here with Faye Daniels (Miss Fay Daniels) shot by various photographers. I don't know much about this girl (woman should I say) but if you want to know more, she answers to her followers (it was called admirers and then fans in the past) on some youtube videos here. The reason she's on Scoptophilia finally, it's not only because I have some scoptophilian inclination towards BBW but because she contributes to widen our concept of beauty without necessary trying to mimic the normal cute girl scenography. And the variety of her postures and environments leave the longing impression at the end of the series that it's like that a woman normally looks. That's what I like in this way to exhibit oneself. And please not bullshit about her fatness being a health threat, I'm sure most of the sex models who are usually shown have a more risky life than having body fat. Her tumblr site here