March 17, 2015

Claude Fauville - Les pisseuses

Born in 1940, Claude Fauville is a Belgium photographer whose work is mainly about eroticism. Here some pictures from his famous series showing pissing women in black and white. Some may think one must be a little insane and pervert to take pictures of women peeing, and still much more to have a scoptophilian emotion in watching it. I would only comment that beauty has sometimes been considered as perversion before being adopted by most. Actually, ondinism has long been part of sex games before being condemned as a perversion. All the basic metaphors on the similarities between ad female vulva from which urine is flowing and a river cascade may seem trivial or easy to many but have a deep resonance in numerous men, I'm one of them. And even some women have a reciprocical emotion. Fauville site here. PS. There are many more pictures of this series on the web but I chose to post only those with the best quality, size and definition. For those who want to see more in high quality, buy the book. 

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