March 8, 2015

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

On this women's day, I wondered who would be the symbol for me of THE woman who led me to heterosexuality when I was not so sure about my sexual orientation and who established my un-machistic vision of women. And Diana Rigg's Emma Peel character in The Avengers (Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir in French) was an evidence. She had all the qualities one could find in a human being: clever, intelligent, full of humor, courageous, elegant, attractive and so much more qualities that it was impossible after Emma Peel to reduce women to the ancient mysoginistic stereotype. And the paradox is that after all the decades that followed this TV series, she's still a strong symbol, much less bimbo-calibrated or unrealistic than most of the female heroes that were created afterwards. I had a shock when I saw her pictures from the Game of Thrones. I know that we must all getting old (or die beforehand) but some of our idols seem not be destined to be aged. And Diana Rigg was one of them (for example, I never imagined that Marc Bolan could be one day an old man). But that's life and this is not a reason to wish that she died young. Long live to her even if I prefer to keep forever the images of her when she was the great Emma Peel. An icon for all my future erotic fantasmagoria. 

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