March 2, 2015

Ralph Gibson - Various black and white nude portraits

Strange I never posted anything about Ralph Gibson (the same about Bill Brandt). Maybe not so strange since in the seventies, while he was a trendy photographer, I found his work too arty and erotic and preferred Jan Saudek or Leslie Krims. His playboy-for-top-models appearance had nothing to increase my interest. Now that time has passed, I appreciate these images much more that in that period. Of course it's only a game of light and female skin, a rather cliché way to approach the body compared to the vast richness that I tried to show in this blog, but there's a real sensuality that gives these images a realistic dimension, providing a delicious sensation to be in it. And moreover, it gives me the opportunity to give google another pretext to censor this blog (there are tits and pubic hair on these pictures, so one american and one japanese taboo, not even talking about a dick, a taboo all over the planet). Born in 1939, Ralph Gibson is still alive and well and living in NY. His site here

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