March 25, 2015

Ribas Prous - Various works

Didn't find much material to post about Josep Maria Ribas Prous, this great photgrapher born in 1940 in Barcelona but even little is better than none. My favorites are the first pictures, shot in the 70's, and I would have liked to find more. But his further works are interesting too. There's a sense of mystery in these images, and even if female body is here shown more as an object than a subject, the quality of the composition, not far from Leon Spilliaert self-portrait ones, is a great point. No site for this artist. 


  1. hi there - is there a way for me to email you or vice versa? you have some photos of me posted on here i'd like removed :) thank you!!

  2. Either ask for the images to be deleted in the comments of the appropriate post of email the request at