March 22, 2015

Stefan Ruitenbeek - Recent works


Born in 1982 in the Netherland, it seems Stefan Ruitenbeek lives now in Berlin where he found a more decomplex relation of people with their body and with nudity (finally I think I should not be so few inclined toward Germany). Interestingly he succeeds in photographing far from usual erotic normalized naked bodies of women covered with painting and other various apparently dirty elements, and providing an unerotic but nonetheless sensual and even exciting iconography. But the sexual stimulation here is similar to the one we feel in real relation, not the one artificially mediated by imagery. A sort of tour-de-force with, after all, a rather basic approach ot photography. Models are all in their carnal identity and not only living objects. Maybe he should use some male bodies too. The man's site seems not to work so I give a link to an interesting interview here

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